Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Flying and inevitable back pain…how to minimize the discomfort.

A large percentage of the population experiences BLOODY BACK PAIN at some stage in their life.
As a rule, long flights sitting down in squishy economy class seating usually contribute to discomfort. 6 hours into my flight to Kuala Lumpar or Koala as my Dad refers to it and I was feeling ‘The niggle’. You know  ‘The niggle’! It ‘s that dull ache that is as more annoying than it is painful but you just know it’s the on set of the most uncomfortable and aggravating next 15 hours of your journey to Koala and then on to London. Here is how to beat it. Relax. For starters simply stressing about it will only cause you to subconsciously tense up all of your muscles and increase the tension and onset of pain sooner. 

Try to keep your spine in its neutral state, therefore not slouching but more generally upright. These are some of the actions I had to implement and as soon as I got to Koala I made sure I spent 15 minutes or more conditioning my back and stretching out the tension. Don’t be shy, the result of good management will be worth any embarrassment you might feel lying on the tiles exercising. Truly, if you are embarrassed, get over yourself! If you think people are that interested in you your wrong, they are more likely to be entertaining their own thoughts and insecurities. 

I’m sure you are all familiar with my Back care video in which we rolled tennis balls in a towel to massage the muscles down our spine. I wasn’t intelligent enough to carry tennis balls in my carry on luggage but I did find rolling up my jumper nice and tightly was a good substitute for this exercise. I also wrapped my jumper in Gillian’s’ jumper, which made it a bit thicker and more effective. I have also attached photos of some effective rotation stretches that will increase your mobility also and reduce the overall tension.  Carry heavy backpacks with caution. Ensure the straps are pulled tight and that you maintain good posture with your shoulders back and down. Explore Europe on this Euro TrickyFit adventure over the next 6 weeks and feel free to share your own experiances on this site.

Euro TrickyFit – Taking the Trick out of fitness – Whilst on the move!http://trickyfit.blogspot.com/2011/04/get-healthy-bak.html

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