Saturday, 4 June 2011

Whats the plank?

Exercise name: The plank

Last week I saw two guys having a plank off and they went toe to toe for 10.5 minutes until one failed after shaking for more than 6 minutes and sweating like wild fire. What a huge effort!!

Learn about the Plank >>>

1. Stronger abdominals
2. Stabilise and strengthen lower back muscles
2. Improve posture and upper back strength

Rules of the plank:
Hold posture for time

Exercise Pointers:
1. Push up with weight on toes and elbows
2. Elbows should be directly below shoulders and shoulder width apart.
3. Hold this posture (no need to hold your breath - even though you probably will...try to breath normally to release body tension)
4. Keep tension out of neck and squeeze shoulder blades together and downwards.

1. Sinking tummies - keep your tummy tucked up and pelvis neutral (not forward or backwards)
2. Looking up - this will strain your neck

Beginner - Complete exercise on knees and elbows and progress to toes
Advanced - Try raising a leg off the ground

How long can you plank??

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