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How to burn Fat from Specific regions of the body ie Hips, Thighs ets??

Well we all have that little bit of unwanted fat on our body somewhere or if we don't we know someone who does! Often it is the hips, thighs, bottom and even the tummy and we really want to spot reduce the fat. So what a lot of people do is they will get absolutely stuck into crunches in the desire to turn their FLAB PACK into the DREAM SIX PACK!!!

Can I just say that is exactly what this is, a dream...The six pack yes that is possible but burning fat from one area of the body and not another that is IMPOSSIBLE. If you have strong developed muscles and have a low body fat percentage you will have a well defined stomach and more than likely if you are doing the right exercises, a six pack. If you have a high percentage of body fat and and have been doing a lot of crunches then yes you may have well developed abdominal muscles...just no one can tell how hard you have worked on them because you have too much over all body fat. Let me explain how the body uses fat? The ONLY way the human body uses fat is for fuel. So to burn fat you need to exercise the body at the right intensity to burn fat regularly. SIMPLE...The human body uses fat for fuel when it is functioning aerobically, so when the body uses oxygen to form energy. The body is burning fat for energy as its main fuel source when sleeping, resting, walking, playing computer and sitting down. However it only burns very small amounts. The most effective aerobic exercise intensity to burn fat is between 50-70% of your maximum heart rate.

So now that we know how to burn fat effectively we are better informed about how to exercise to reduce our body fat levels...But how do you know what your maximum heart rate is and why do some of us get fat in particular places and others get it all around the waist or thighs??

Well unfortunately the truth is, The location that your body stores it's fat is based on your genetics! So thank your parents. But this does not mean that you have to put up with it. Just because its your mums fault that you have the same body shape as her does not mean that you are destined to have fat thighs so don't go cursing her yet! We can chose and manage 2 things. The quantity and quality of energy that we give our body (FOOD - Excess food is stored as FAT in those genetic unwanted areas) and the amount of that energy that we burn each day in exercise and moving. 

So if you are ready to get yourself into better shape please don't look for one or two sure thing quick fix exercises, they won't work short term and they won't ever work. So don't waist your own efforts on not getting what you want. 

Here is what you need to do:
If you are carrying a little bit of excess fat or a lot - don't be shy - let yourself know exactly how you feel about it truthfully and decide what you want for your body and for your health. DO IT NOW!

Okay if you have done that...

Now you probably realise that you are eating more than you are burning so it is safe to say that you need to 1. reduce the quantity of the food you eat  and or 2. increase the quality of the food you eat.

Diets are starve yourself of everything good and it feels terrible that why the first 3 letters spell DIE and when your on a diet that's pretty much how you feel. so don;t put yourself on a diet that is not what i am suggesting. 

Firstly you know if you are eating too much. Don't eat because your bored! In all my discussions over the years with people wanting to lose weight most people overeat at the end of the day. I put them into 2 categories the 4 COURSE DINNER ENTERTAINERS or the zoned out TELEVISION BINGE EATING MONSTERS!
The 4 COURSE DINNER ENTERTAINERS eat every night the way that most people who are regular weight might eat on a special occasion or at Christmas time or something. They like to almost make an event out of eating. Dips, biscuits, cheeses alcohol its all happening and then it's main courses and more drinks followed up by the third course dessert and dessert wines and chocolates because we are so full on food and alcohol that our body is tired and shutting down so to void falling asleep lets have a hit of sugar and get stuck into some chocolate to keep the party going. Now this does sound to me like a really fun and yummi dinner. If this is with your whole family GREAT ...not every night tho and not most nights...come on, if this is you CUT DOWN (portion size is key)

The TELEVISION BINGE EATING MONSTERS are the ones that come home from their day at work and hit the television, prop on the couch and constantly raid the fridge and the cupboard. I am guilty of doing this before. No one is perfect all the time but if this is a character trait for you at the moment then you need to change your lifestyle. If you know your inclined to binge in front of the TV at night, do something else that is stimulating and interesting. I suggest you form yourself an exercise program because I believe there is NOTHING more rewarding than taking the time and energy to take care of your body and get active. Huff and puff a little suck in some oxygen and really form some positive and momentum. 

have the plate 1/4 meat, 2/4 veg and the rest is up for change. Increase fruits to breakfast and snacks and even try carrots and celery with dip and biscuits. Pump your body with salads and vegetables they are high in good nutrition and low in calories. 

Thirdly lets Exercise. Exercising should take place at 50 - 70% of your maximum effort - anything outside then you are not in optimal fat burning mode. So too low and and your not burning much fat and too hard and you are burning the glycogen stores in the body instead of you fat stores.  So as a rough guide you should be able to talk with raised heart rate, increased breathing but not completely out of breath. When trying to lose weight it is common to want to work really hard because of that mental image of burning the fat and really burning it out of you. Burning human fat though is more like burning a candle, it happens slowly. So exercise at a mild to moderate intensity and keep it up for 5-7 days a week. This is key....So don't scoff or say NO WAY! If you want to burn fat then you need to use up your fat stores in your body via exercise. So build up to 30 - 45 minutes of exercise 5 -7 days per week.


Also don't be afraid of adding some weight training. Particularly woman. Also read The benefits of Weight training

Go walking, get jogging, do some of both! Have a swim. Do a circuit with 5 minutes of jogging, 10 push ups, 10 sit ups, and 10 squats then a 5 minute walk and repeat twice. BUT IF ALL THAT SOUNDS ROUTINE AND BORING. See my many TrickyFit videos in the archive section of my blog and get awesome exercises that you can use one after the other to build a circuit of exercises. Exercise for fat loss should be constant and continuous so try to right down a list of 5-10 exercises and do them one after the other with no break and repeat. every second day have a light jog or brisk walk for variety and as a kind of lighter exercise day. 

For any further information or questions simply post them as a comment, email me or hit My Facebook Page write to me there. 


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