Wednesday, 27 April 2011

The Power of a Partner!!!!

Do you workout with a partner???

One of my favorite things about tennis and one of the most frustrating things was that you could only play tennis with a partner. You could always do fitness on your own and practice your serve on your own but it was always a lot more fun with someone else.

Have you ever gone for a run with someone else or even gone to the gym?

How much more motivating is it! I run a TrickyFit personal training session with 5 of my best mates including some cousins and it is the hardest most competitive 60 minutes session of strength, cardio and variety a training session could achieve. We run, jump skip hop, lift, lunge, push, press and chin up like animals for fun. The motivation of group activity is sensational!

I want to make TrickyFit a community of information teamwork and group achievement! Write your personal best times for activities, repetition max for exercises and topics of conversations and lets all work together to achieve ultimate fitness and fun together! TrickyFit Community is all about you, your mates and your family as well as me my mates and my family. Lets join together and prove it is a small world and touch as many people as we can!

Train Trickyfit with a friend and share it with the TrickyFit community!! This can also be great at home when you want to adapt to a higher quality of eating. If you have someone at home who will cook and prepare high quality meals with you then your success rate will improve dramatically.

Get healthy get active and HELP me take he trick OUT of FITNESS

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