Monday, 2 May 2011

Learn handstand push ups

-          Develop upper body strength in back, shoulders and triceps
-          Excellent exercise for balance
-          Abdominals have to be engaged and get a great workout
-          Helps to develop good wrist strength and flexibility required for more overhead lifts
-          Place hands on the ground shoulder width apart or slightly more and about a foot away from the wall (this will be your support).
-          Push through your legs to transfer weight onto your palms and extend up to the wall
-          Keep upper body strong, tense your core for stability and control, and aim to have your body weight evenly spread across both hands.
-          Slowly bend at the elbows and lower your head towards the floor.
-          Push back up through your palms and directly upwards for good form.
-          Going too low to early, don’t be a hero! Small push ups are fine for starters.
-          If you are not competent at doing a handstand against a wall, get a partner to help.
-          Once you master these you can practise on the sand for soft landings with no wall support.
-          The sky is the limit after this

Step 1 - Practise the Yoga head stand and get used to balancing up side down.
Step 2 - Try the handstand against a wall.
Step 3 - Get your push up count up to around 20-30 in a row and hold your handstand easily for 1
Step 4 - Handstand Pushups

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