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JUNE - I Need to lose weight

Hey ya Lean Mean Tricko Machines,

Every week I am presented with challenges and problems amongst clients, friends and internet followers and I would like to use this as an opportunity to shed some light on these issues. If youare asking yourself these questions then stay tuned.


What can I eat? What should i not touch?

How much should I be exercising to lose weight?

I am eating healthy why aren't I losing weight?

Let's start at the beginning!!

What can I eat and what should I not touch?

Lean body Rule number 1
Eat 4-6 meals per day to keep the metabolism firing. 

Lean body Rule number 2
Eat Protein @ every meal - every 3-4 hours - SERIOUSLY read this your body needs a protein top up every 3-4 hours otherwise the viscious hunger pangs and cravings will take over
Shaved ham
Shaved Turkey
Traditional Fish

Lean body Rule number 3
Load up on vegetables
I have not come across 1 overweight human being who eats anywhere near enough vegetables. Yes it might be possible to eat too many but I haven't seen it - 'Load up on vegetables' and the body will thrive on great nutrients, it will have loads of energy and you can eat until your so full that you can't even eat chocolate and you will not get fat - Just beware of corn and potatoes in large doses. Potatoes are high in starch and weight gainers and corn is not digested well by the body and sits around in the system for a long time before it is excreted.

Lean Body Rule number 4
Good Fats make you lean and toned

This is the secret -There is so much marketing out there around low fat foods and low fat packet foods, low fat milk ... Yeah Shitty Fats are bad for you, they will rot your insides give you high cholesterol and choke up your arteries. It's totally true. However GOOD FATS are crucial for health. The Good fats out there help the body to absorb nutrients, increase energy stores and lean up.

Examples of good fats include

Olive oil as a topping
Nuts and seeds
Nut butters and pastes
Fish and seafood
Fish oils and there relatives

Lean Rule number 5

What should I not touch? 

Chocolate - Weekends only
Grains - 1 meal per day and should be eaten with protein to balance blood sugar levels - Massive weight gainer without adequate protein
Biscuits/Cakes/Savoury - 1/3 or your palm in size and height per day at most.
Dairy - Milk from the supermarket is not healthy for you - You can get real milk from REPLENISH in Point Cook

How much Should I be Exercising to lose weight??

Everyday - Rigorous exercise for a minimum of 30minutes
Seriously move your bodies - There are 24 hours in a day and 16 of them we are awake - MOVE YOUR BLOODY BODY - YOU GET ONE SHOT AT LIFE AND ONLY ONE BODY. I'm very passionate about this but once it's damaged its damaged. Being overweight is killing you. Start moving more and you will enjoy it, stimulate your mind and body, move your muscles, get strong and healthy, be active, run with your kids friends and colleagues. Ride to the supermarket. Walk to school. Jog up the street and back. Get Personal Training. Go to a bootcamp. Take up dancing lessons. Get a dog and walk it everyday and it will love you for it. Swim at the beach, go surfing, fly a kite, play with a boomerang! All those great outlets for fun as a kid we somehow gave away for what - To be work-a-holics, taxis, super mums, chefs, eating machines, overweight, inactive and bored. I don't think so. Its time to get real and make a change in your life. 

EXERCISE everyday for 30minutes or more. Make active choices everyday starting today.

I am eating healthy, why aren't I losing weight?

 There are a number of reasons this might be.

Stress and lack of sleep effect your ability to lose weight.

Stress can come in many forms. The form of poor nutrition and the stress that places on your immune system, energy levels and metabolism. Lack of sleep tends to drive your body towards pick me up drinks and sugary foods and generally just doesn't allow the body to recover and operate efficiently which results in weight gain. When we take on an exercise program we must be aware that we are placing a physical stress on the body which must be met with good nutrition, positive energy and QUALITY SLEEP for best results.

Another possibility - Sometimes we think we are eating well but we really need to right down everything we have eaten over the course of a week. This can be a real shock and I often hear wild and wonderful stories about how people lie to themselves and justify the food choices. Its a real eye opening experience. 

So just to finish off I would like to Congratulate you all for caring enough to be commited to your health and making positive change.


My dad is a Maths teacher and no matter how hard the equation is to solve my Dad always takes me back to the foundations of Math. What are the rules and strategies we need to apply to solve this equation? Well, the rules and strategies behind health and fitness are this:

Divide your plate into Thirds

1/3 of your plate should be lean protein
2.3 of your plate should be salads or lightly cooked vegetables 

And every meal should have about a 5% extra in healthy fats. Essential to weight loss and getting lean.
Healthy fats include adding 2 tablespoons of olive oil to your meal, a handful of nuts or a small avocado.


Its simple math really - Follow the simple rules everyday for lasting success

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