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Welcome to TrickyFit - The road to a better you!

Why embark on the TrickyFit program?
  1. 75% of beginners to fitness fail due to lack of guidance. TrickyFit is your new coach.
  2. Fitness training is NOT the daily act of walking, running, swimming or gym ... that is called exercise and should not be confused with broad and inclusive, high intensity training you will learn with TrickyFit... your map to results.
  3. TrickyFit is for everyone - every exercise can be progressed to make it harder or regressed to make it easier. This program can be adapted to your needs whatever base of fitness your starting from. 
  4. Repetition is the mother of all skill and variety is the spice of life. TrickyFit combines repetition and variety to build athletes that are strong, fit, fast and motivated to generate results across a variety of skill sets.
  5. TrickyFit programming is simple - I develop programs that work and can be done quickly at high intensity.
  6. TrickyFit programming involves movements that recruit more muscle fibres and require the body to work together as ONE PIECE. 
  7. High intensity and short recovery periods are a critical in the success of TF workouts. The program involves 3 days of training followed by 1 day of rest. This is so that you don't get flat and can bring your best for every workout.
  8. Have fun. Improving your health, fitness and exercise skill set is much to be admired. You have made a great decision that will positively impact your life so allow yourself to feel happy about the path you are on and enjoy the challenges ahead.

Get fit, strong and active right here with me, right now!!
Welcome to a new journey of excellence and physical performance.

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