Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Get some high quality tucker when your on the move!! Thats the key

The food in france seems to be one of the greatest pleasures that I have had in my life and indulging in yummy sweets is all part of the fun. From Chocolate croissants  to ice cream crepes and citrus tarts the list just seems to get better and better. 1 coffee, 2 coffee, 3 coffees a day and I feel like I am getting a little bit excessive. I know my body and it feels a lot better if I have remained at a 2 coffee limit and am learning that even though another choc chip cookie will taste amazing that I have to live with the sluggish full feeling of knowing what I have consumed and feeling sickly in my gutz. The point is not to starve yourself of the pleasures of life. Simply learn what is best for your body. I am fine having a couple of coffees and a few sweets per day so I decide based on when I want them and what is on offer as to whether or not I will eat it. Then as mouth watering as it may seem I have a plan of what is best for me and i am fully conscious of the result I will get if I buy it or leave it. Sometimes you have to make yourself feel sick in the guts to know that its too much. Just don't do it all the time and treat your insides with the respect they deserve. Stay active and make time to exercise everyday. If you go overboard make sure you aim to be very active the following day and manage your calorie intake. remember getting fat is easy and so is having fun, so have fun always and just enjoy the yummy stuff here and there!

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