Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Major misconception amongst exercisers!

I have a challenge for you and you might not like it. Any challenge that you don't like is generally because either;

1.You think it's stupid
2.You think it's embarrassing
3.You know it's really going to hit you hard

Let me tell you from first hand experience that water running is one of the most demanding cardiovascular forms of exercise that you can participate in. It is not for the faint hearted or shy if done properly, but you won't be out of place if you are timid. It is challenging, it is fast, it is hard and done properly can be the one of the most intense workouts you will attempt. However, you are in control of your destiny and as with all good exercise, you are in control of your own effort levels. In a good session of water running you will be fully active for 60 minutes. You will mix maximum effort running in water with sub maximal effort running. You will push up, dip and kick yourself a float for 45 minutes and stumble out of the pool crying for your dummie.

I was first suggested a class of deep water running at the pool in Richmond, Melbourne. I was getting physiotherapy for knee troubles and needed to stay fit for tennis whilst also not placing any added stress on my joints. this class in Richmond was recommended where they teach great technique, set good programs and provide classes monday wednesday and friday at 5.30am. I said yes, I would do it. I had never gotten up this early for fitness but wanted to do the right thing and valued the opinion of my world class physiotherapist Natalie. I got up for eery session for 5 weeks and before I knew it with good rehabilitation exercises, I was ready to get out running again.

My experiance with water deep water running classes was fantastic. I was in a class with all elderly, overweight individuals who would be there for reducing joint stress while trying to lose weight, a great supplement for exercise if you do have weight concerns. I felt as though this sort of training was not for young fit individuals. I think quite a few activities have misleading ideas about who they are for and what you represent if you participate.

I believe that all forms of exercise benefit you. Variety is the spice of life and that exercise should be embraced in every form.

I challenge you to complete 3 classes of Deep water running per week for 4 weeks. Learn the correct technique and participate 100%. It is not only a very physical cardiovascular workout but also is very demanding of you core muscles and your mid section will come aaway from this 4 weeks feeling very strong and fit.

Take the challenge, make it your fitness goal and cry for your dummie!!! Go hard and get TrickyFit

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