Saturday, 27 August 2011

Overhead Squat

1. Start with bar above head, hands 1.5 times shoulder width apart and correct posture

(Correct Posture =
chest open and proud, shoulder blades back and down, abdominals tensed, spine neutral, elbows and knees soft (not locked) and toes turned slightly out)

2. With body weight mostly on heels, bend @ hips and knees sitting back into squat

3. As your body lowers, arms must support the weight directly above your centre of gravity to remain balanced throughout the movement.

4. Knees should track in line with ankles (not collapsing in together or out like charlie Chaplin, ideally not tracking past toes either)

5. Drive up through feet, legs, hips and glutes and maintain strong through core, tummy and upper body.

6. Repeat according to Daily Dose requirements


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