Sunday, 7 August 2011

Benefits of Cadiovascular training - Reason 1

Why Train the Cardiovascular system.

  1. Strengthen your heart and lungs and improve cardiovascular fitness
  2. Reduce risk of heart disease
  3. Lower blood pressure
  4. Improve muscular endurance and ‘tone’
  5. Increase sporting performance
  6. Decrease risk of osteoporosis and increase bone mineral density
  7. Help manage arthritis
  8. Improve insulin sensitivity and decrease risk of type II diabetes
  9. Increase energy expenditure, metabolic rate and promote a leaner physique.
  10. Increase energy and mood.

Reason 1.

With continued training of the cardiovascular system your heart and lungs will grow stronger. A stronger heart can pump out more blood per beat reducing your heart rate and the amount of effort it has to use to get the blood around your body.

Check this ;
If you can reduce your heart rate by 10 beats per minute will mean that your heart is beating approximately 14000 less times per day.

What a massive increase in efficiency and huge decrease in effort leaving you with more energy to be active. 

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