Monday, 1 August 2011

Jack and Jill ran up the hill.

The average household interested in health and fitness can easily invest thousands of dollars yearly towards gym memberships and home equipment or they can be smart.

I have no doubt that gyms and equipment have there place in this world. For most people they are a waste of space, money, creativity, time and petrol. 

Don't be fooled.

Everything we need in this life is available to us for a very small price and can be achieved in the outdoors where all the elements present a challenge. 

Everyone has body weight and the force of gravity combined with our own body weight is a great place to begin when getting active. Building strength and awareness in your own body is way more important than being able to dumbbell curl or being able to leg press half a weight stack. Don't get me started on leg press. The hips are rarely engaged and most gym users are not even aware of the correct position to locate the seat for proper function and best results.

Start here. Learn correct technique on full body functional exercises. Develop great control and strength and flexibility through exercises like the squat, push up, pull up, lunge and handstand. See TrickyFit exercises for guidance. 

1/ Squat jump up hills for added resistance
2/ Push up with your feet raised on a stool 
3/ Lunge and rotate through your core
4/ Pull up with different grip and learn handstand push ups. 
5/ Run up hills and in sand dunes, swim for sprints and time, ride your bike everywhere. 

Seriously, if you want to piss your money away into a gym go for it. If you are smarter than that then get extremely educated right here and combine any number of these exercises together with minimal rest between exercise, good nutrition and plenty of water. You will get a buzz for it. And you won't be stuck doing dumbbell curls and triceps dips 3 days a week. Instead you will be engaging many muscle groups to fire with great co-ordination and variety in sand, hills, mud, heat and humidity. You will be challenged, you will gasp for breath, you will develop function and you will have your recipe for success.

For those keen to try something different!!!
Gymnastics is a terrific place to start. Have you seen the bodies on Gymnasts wow they are strong, agile and complete impressive exercises with outstanding balance and body awareness. Their Range of motion or flexibility is outstanding and they are stable all the way through from extension to flexion, they pose excellent control and strength.

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