Monday, 8 August 2011

Think in the certain way....don't be fooled by outside BS

Training your mind for success pfft

What does that mean anyway right!! Who cares, you might say. What has that got to do with reaching my goals.

Lets take a closer look...

Why does Mc Donalds spend Millions of dollars on marketing the great taste and prices of their foods?

1. It brings Mc Donalds into our conscious thought. NOW WE ARE THINKING MC DONALDS
2. It tricks the brain to like it...we see satisfaction and joy from others eating it.
3 They make it look really appealing and desirable which makes us crave it!!

We are suckers to this every day from billboards, Banners on trucks, television and radio advertisements and even internet sources.

So if all this stuff is playing on our senses and our emotions how do we get back control?

Firstly ask yourself this...

Is the majority of marketing and advertising actually creating POSITIVE connections to health and exercise or is it generating mainly NEGITIVE desires for chcolate, take away, soft drinks, alcohol and so on.

I think we all know the answer is yes.

So if we have all this crap being forced into our brains we need to know how to deactivate it.

This involves being educated about the benefits of healthy foods and activities.
Fruit helps you poop
Vegetables fuel you with nutrients
Nuts are protein fats and fibre
meat and fish give you protein
Lean meats are better
More muscle means more calories burn't
Sprinting burns more fat than jogging but jogging puts less stress on the joints and muscles
The body is mainly water and needs to be full of it to function.
Soft drink, chocolate, desserts and sugars throw the bodies insulin balance out of whack causing massive energy drops, lack of concentration, reduced motivation and drive and poor productivity.
Fish is brain food
The bones in salmon have good calcium
Green vegetables should be eaten every day for better body function
lean meat is best and cut off all the fat
Mc Donalds is shit for you and you have to eat twice as many vegetables and exercise twice as much to reverse the impact of it.
Olive oil is a good fat
Good fats helps the body absorb key nutrients and and minerals
Fresh and cooked vegetables every single day
Feed your body goodness

Now if your still here or you jumped here well done for staying. You are one of the few people that will make a positive difference on your life.


Feed your brain with information and educate it to think in the certain way.
The certain way is the way that guides you to achieve the goals that are important to you, in your life!

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