Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Tough Mudder Workout number 4 - Jan 25th 2012

TrickyFit Tough Mudder Workout 


Speed Bench - Dynamic Bench day

Dynamic bench day is all about increasing speed and power output on a day when we are not going for maximum strength. The combination of max strength and dynamic speed reduces the effects of overtraining and increases results. In Russian power lifting terms there are only 2 ways to lift more weight. Get stronger or lift faster. Today is about lifting 50% of your max bench weight for 100 reps for time.

Bench Press @ 50% 1RM, 100 Reps for time 


3km run Time Trial 

Beginner = 1 round
Intermediate + Advanced =  2 rounds with 2 minute break between bouts

Tough Mudder requires you to be able to travel across a 18km obstacle course through mud, water and dirt. The next 10 weeks is dedicated to building strength, endurance, stamina, speed, power, mobility and more to get you in the best physical shape possible. Tough Mudder believes this event is not for the sedentary. Is that you? If it is, you need this. Travel 3km as fast as you can and lets build some momentum. If you are pretty fit as it is, let's get your 3km time trial down to below 12 minutes over the next 10 weeks. If you think you need heaps of long distance stuff...you don't. This program will provide workouts that require you to go flat out hard for up to 45 minutes any more than that and the intensity you train with the next day will be hampered. For Tough Mudder you won't be training the day after so you can go all out for 2 hours and you will be prepared and have a few days to rest up.

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