Sunday, 1 January 2012

January 2 2012

Todays Workout is...

Warm up
20 BW Squats
20 front squats PVC pipe
20 O/H over head squats
20 dead lifts PVC pipe
20 hang snatches PVC pipe

Fastest time possible - squats below parallel

30 x O/H Squats 40kg

Scale this to suit your skill

  • Beginners - PVC pipe
  • Intermediate - Barbell build on weight
  • Advanced - Speed is the key whilst staying super tight
30 x Chin ups L hold

Scale this to suit your skill
  • Beginners - Power bands can help with the resistance and make pulling your body up lighter and easier - perhaps even attach some resistance bands to the roof and pull the bands to your chest like a lat pull down. Work on your L hold separately supporting your body on a bench, the ground or the chin up bar in a hanging position. Try for 30 seconds and up to 3 minutes.
  • Intermediate - Just deal with it, some breaks will be necessary but stick it out, get up on the bar and keep those toes up nice and high even though they want to just hang low.
  • Advance - This won't take long and I suggest 3 sets at varying grips.
Cool Down

Grab hold of some therapeutic bands and work some of that tension and toxicity out of your upper body. Work the shoulders and back and chest keeping shoulder blades back and down. 

Finish off with some static stretching. Suck in a bunch of water and some good quality tucker. I'm talking lean meat, sweet potatoes and nuts.

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