Tuesday, 10 January 2012

January 11 2012

Warm up

TrickyFit warm up video plus therapeutic band work on shoulders and scapula control

Skill Day

1/ Handstands against the wall for 5 sets (10- 60 secs)

2/ Handstand side shuffles - Kick up against a wall and shuffle from one side to the other side for 3 to 10 steps each way and rest. Complete about 5 rounds of this depending on your skill level. Beginners may need to just balance.

3/ Handstand Walking - total 100m
  • Break these walks up into 1m walks to 3m walks and slowly build your way up to something longer and longer. Beginners should go for around 5 - 15 efforts and intermediate 10-20 and Advanced 3-5 walks @ 25m plus.
WHY WE DO HANDSTANDS ?? Besides toned, strong arms and shoulders.

Handstands are an excellent way to develop body awareness, strength in the upper body and wrist flexibility among other things. There is a great amount of midline stabilisation required in a walking handstand and it adds a bunch of variety to your training. Who would have thought that the push up with elbows in will be useful strength when moving into a handstand pushup. And do handstand push ups really offer a skill and strength transfer to exercises like the push press and snatch? Absolutely. The snatch is the ultimate skill and strength lift in Olympic lifting and requires awesome accuracy, strength, power, speed, agility, stamina and flexibility. So why not start handstands now. 

Cool Down

Yoga - Take a class or download some videos and get moving. Continue your own education of fitness and I will continue to strive to provide everything possible to make fitness easier for you.

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