Friday, 6 January 2012

January 7 2012

Warm up

TrickyFit Warm up video + Squat jumps and Handstands


5 Rounds for time

Run 400m + 30 Sit ups + 5 HSPU ( handstand push ups)
  • Beginners - If your a beginner to any of these movements, scale by completing the 400m as fast as possible, reducing the number of sit ups or just holding a sit up at 45 degrees to increase muscle endurance in the abdominals and chose incline push ups to reduce the overall weight you need to push.
  • Intermediate - You guys are strong enough to do just about everything you may need to sub HSPU for 30 push ups with a 10 sec handstand hold at full extension on a wall.
  • Advanced - even advanced athletes will feel this workout get to them. Go hard and complete in around 8 minutes.

Cool Down

Jog 2 km and stretch out full body

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