Sunday, 8 January 2012

January 10 2012

Warm Up

TrickyFit Warm up video + 50 burpees

Work Out

CrossFit Workout Elizabeth - If you are a CrossFit enthusiast you may notice TrickyFit programming is very similar. In my Level 1 CrossFit certification we learnt programming for GPP or General Physical Preparedness. By Preparing our bodies for the unknown and unknowable we constantly challenge the body in different skills, weights and intensities for best results. As intensity is the fastest road to results and variety is the key to well rounded skill.

Elizabeth is a well balanced benchmark workout that works the clean and ring dips.

The clean demands incredible core strength and midline stabilisation whilst getting the load from the floor to your chest. Also the powerful hip extension required develops awesome leg and butt strength and tone.
Ring Dips require a still strong midline whilst driving the arms to full extension and lowering the arm pits to your knuckles.

The set format 21 - 15 - 9 challenges your power output and muscular endurance over a ever decreasing number of reps and sets. These can be split up but you can not move from Cleans to Ring dips until you have completed the required reps for that particular exercise.

Round 1 21 reps may be split up into 3 sets of 7 Cleans = 21 and then the same of ring dips
Round 2 15 reps  may be split into 3 sets of 5 cleans = 15 and 3 sets of 5 ring dips.
The last round of cleans you may do 3 sets of 3 reps = 9 and the 3 sets of 3 ring dips and your done.

The less rest - the better your time and better results yo will get from the workout. So go hard and get it done as quick as possible.


Clean 60kgs
Ring Dips

Cool Down

Eat, hydrate, stretch and ice bath

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