Thursday, 8 September 2011

September 9 2011 - Rest

Daily Dose

Today is a scheduled rest day

Many of you may be addicted to training every single day, day in day out and doing double workouts morning and noon. Daily Dose is scheduled for max effort workouts with appropriate rest prescription. If you do choose to skip a rest day be sure that you are aware of your health, recovery and the results you are getting. It is a sin to not get the results you deserve from the training you put out. So if you are going to train make sure you are getting the benefit from it and not just throwing in a sub par workout or feeding your addiction for training.

On the flip side of that it is quite possible that you will be feeling pretty sore in the legs and butt muscles today and even more so tomorrow. You can try recovery methods such as have hot cold showers to increase blood flow through your body, a light jog may help to flush out your system and even some specific stretching exercises can increase amounts of synovial fluid around your joints for improved ease of movement.

Enjoy your rest day.

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