Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Essential training Equipment

In response to a few emails I have received in regards to getting hold of some good quality, reasonably priced training equipment I would recommend HartSports in Australia.

I recommend checking out some barbells, weight plates, medicine balls and foam rollers as a really good base of equipment. This will pretty much allow you to complete any exercise and load in the daily dose programming. Also a set of ...
 gymnastic rings, bench press and squat rack could be the next investment if you really want to get a sweet home set up happening.

Also keep your eyes peeled on nature strips on council pick up days when people are dumping out stuff they don't want, garage sales and of course Ebay gives you the opportunity to collect some really practical stuff second hand at a fraction of its original cost.

They have an excellent range of products for weightlifting, fitness testing and all of the nicks and nacks that you could possibly want.

The TrickyFit programming allows you to start with absolutely nothing and generate an excellent foundation of fitness well beyond what is considered average or even good in the general public. However to really accelerate beyond your wildest imagination you will require access to some specific equipment and or diverse thought process.

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