Wednesday, 7 September 2011

September 8 2011 - Dead man walking

Daily Dose

Dead lift 3,3,3,3,3 Max weight
post your dead lift weight to the comments section of the site. Record for each set (3 reps completed non-stop)

2 min rest

Dead Walk 3 x 100m
Grab the two heaviest things you can hold and go walking (one in each hand) Keep your shoulders back, chest open and eyes looking ahead and walk it out. 

I'm calling this exercise the dead walk because @ the end of each set your legs will feel drained of energy and in a sense dead.

At the end of today's Dose you will be like a dead man walking and your legs will feel even sorer in the days ahead. Take some time to stretch out your bodies major muscle groups and be sure to get some protein back into your system real quick for amino acids that help your body repair and grow. Tomorrow is a scheduled rest day so no excuses for pulling rank and being soft on today's Dose.

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