Sunday, 18 September 2011

September 18 2011 - Programming special

Daily Dose

5 sets for time
30 Ring chin ups
30 below parallel squats 50kg/ 110lbs
30 horizontal ring pull ups (feet on gym ball)
30m Sprint

Read more for exercise substitution for this daily dose from an advanced program to an intermediate level and then re-scaled again for beginners.

5 sets for time
(Scaled down version)
30 jumping chin ups
30 squat jumps
30 horizontal pull ups
30m Sprint

Scaled for beginners

5 sets for time
(Scaled down for Bs)
10 Jumping chin ups (Chin up bar head height)
10 BW Squats
10 45 degree pull ups
30m sprint

45 degree pull up
Attach rope to post at shoulder height. Place feet with toes touching post. Hold rope and extend arms to create a gap between your upper body and the post. Pull your body back to post.
This is an example of a horizontal pull action. A horiontal pull is pulling towards your chest and a vertical pull is pulling from above your head vertically towards it. This exercise is a horizontal pull with low gravity force for beginners.

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