Sunday, 5 February 2012

Tough Mudder W#13 - Be radical!! Feb 6 2012

Today's workout involves a large amount of gutz and determination because we are going to load up the upper body with lots of reps for hypertrophy, endurance, strength and stamina.


Bench Press

8 Sets of 3 @ 70% of 1RM as fast as you can with 30sec rest between sets.

Push ups

2 sets of 30 @ an incline that allows you to do them fast. (The higher your hands are in relation to your feet the easier it will be)


Use a park bench, a chair or anything you can find and dive straight into 2 sets of 30 dips

Push Press

2 sets of 30 Push press @ 30-40% of max bench press


Circuit to Finish

3 Rounds of each exercise - 30 sec per exercise

Squat wide stance 40% of 1 RM (can box squat onto a high suitable for your flexibility)
Lunges with heavy dumbbells
Chin ups wide grip
Single leg squats
Lunge jumps (alternating leg to leg)
Chin ups Close grip
Squat Jumps
Step up jumps - Step onto bench and power into the air and land = 1 rep
Toes to bar - Hold onto chin up bar and use abs to drive toes to bar

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