Tuesday, 14 February 2012

TM W#20 Feb 15th 2012

Todays workout brings lifting and body weight exercises together to combine for a killer metabolic conditioning session.


8 Dead Lifts @ Body weight
20 deep squats with 2 second pause @ bottom and no pause @ top (increases speed of hip flexion)
10 kipping pull ups


A little over a month ago my cousin approached me wanting to get fit for  his trip to Europe, shed 10 plus kilograms and feel more confident with his body. We will call him BOB to keep his name private. Well BOB has turned up to his 3 training sessions with the most positive refreshing attitude. He is willing to try new things, mimics my movements and brings an intensity that will generate the results he desires. Every week is different, we do boxing, sprints and KB squats 1 week and another week we do push ups, sit ups and lunges for time. That is just an example of the last 2 weeks. What I have noticed in life in general, as people get older they tend to get set in their ways and close themselves off from new things. What inspires me most about BOB is that he is so ready to move towards his goals. BOB brings the attitude of an athlete, the intensity of an athlete and chooses to have fun doing it. As a trainer I love to coach, but I also get to learn a lot from what makes a successful athlete.

Lets all take a leaf out of BOB's book and bring the attitude and intensity of an athlete to our Personal training this week.

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