Friday, 3 February 2012

Tough Mudder W# 12 - February 4th 2012

Tough Mudder Short course trial

Time yourself to complete this workout

Run 1 mile in knee deep water
20 double knee jumps
20 sit ups
Swim 1/4 mile ocean
20 squats
20 burpees
Run 1 mile on land

 This is a trial run for the big course in around 9 weeks time. The skills required for this workout will transfer perfectly for the TM day. The conbination of exercises keep the body guessing, intensity is changing, heart rate is constantly adapting and so on. If you struggle with this don't work there is still plenty of time and the consistency you apple to this training will cause positive physical adaptation and results.

What you need.
Runners, bathers and knowlege of exercises...all displayed in this blog.

Skill transfere - 
Running through water is perfect resistance and the skill and strength required will keep you in good form on the day when moving through mud, water etc. Double knee jumps and sit ups are a combination of strength and endurance activities and use muscle groups that will be needed on the day for any jumping, climbing and picking your self off the floor. Swimming will be involved so learn how to swim, squats for leg strength and endurance and burpees for high intensity efforts. Finally run because at the end of this very draining event you will have to find a way to keep moving adn ticking the legs over. This is a specific training day for the big event. every day has a purpose and i will try to inform you of the results you will get from participating in each day.

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