Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Star of the week!!

John is showing great commitment to his new TrickyFit training program. He has not managed to put on much muscle all his life and he has now focused and ready to achieve his goals. Over the next few months we will follow John success.

John will be building his strength base with lots of push ups, chin ups, sit ups and squats over the next 2 weeks.

Then his program moves to weights with 2 dynamic days of 2 exercises speed bench, squatting, deadlift, push press and chin ups. He will also be doing 1 max effort day a week. Each day is followed up with 3 special exercises designed for hypertrophy and developing weakness. We also try to have a lot of fun and throw in some different sports and activities.

 If your like John or would like to wisk John good luck and share some tips please do so in the comments section of this post. Your support would be great encouragement!!

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