Wednesday, 29 February 2012

FREE workout #141 is...

Check out this picture. This was a google images search of fitness and look what comes up, machines, machines, more machines and skipping. Is this really our idea of fitness? Is this really what we need to part take in fitness? I strongly suggest it is not. 
TrickyFit is done rain hail or shine. We were born with emotions, feelings and the capacity to appreciate beauty so all cardio machines will be replaced with actual moving except the rowing  machine which is an excellent developer of hip extension and is a full body workout. Due to the lack of access most people have to a lake I will let this one slide. 

Todays TrickyFit workout is...

100 Double unders
100 push ups
80 Sit ups
60 pull ups
50 double unders
40 push ups
30 sit ups
20 push ups

To complete this workout you will need a skipping rope and a chin up bar. A skipping rope can be $20 AUD or $5 AUD so there is no excuse for not having one. They are affordable and will develop a great amount of cardiovascular fitness and speed. For the pull ups, go to a playground, suspend some steel in your pergola or grab hold of a strong tree branch and pull your chin above the height of your  hands. Push up and sit ups require no equipment. 

Double Under - The act of skipping where the rope rotates twice under your feet with each jump. If you cannot achieve this don't fret, it requires a lot of practise and you will get there. In the mean time for this workout substitute double unders with singles and you will do 200 singles the first time and 100 singles the second.

Pull Ups - Pulling your chin above you hands hanging suspended from the ground....Too hard?? Try holding a rail with your feet on the ground and pull your chest to the bar. This will develop transferable strength that will develop your capacity to succeed at pull ups in the future.

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