Wednesday, 12 October 2011

What motives you to be active ...

I like to be active because I love the feeling of having energy when I need it. I like to feel strong and feel power in my body to lift, to help others with daily tasks and to for the physical benefits that come with good strength. 


I am also working currently building bubble decks which are basically concrete precasts. Bubble decks are just the type of precast we make. Its important for me to have a strong healthy body because that is how I generate income to do the things that I love to do and to afford the training equipment and information required to pass forward and share with others. Without a strong healthy body i would be limited to other forms of work. Its not always easy to pick yourself up after 9 hours of manual labour and go and do a Daily Dose of exercise but doing makes me feel fresh, strong and mentally renewed! 


The feeling of achievement runs through my thoughts and creates a healthy state of mind while building a strong healthy body. 


I would love to read about your story and what motivates you. I know there are people just like you who will enjoy sharing their story also, however I understand it can be confronting to write about yourself. Take comfort in knowing that their are other people in a similar boat to you and that will grow and benefit from the company and mind sets that drive your positive behaviour to be active and healthy.

love and health

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