Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Sitting on the fence of starting exercise

For anyone that is sitting on the fence deciding whether or not to get started in regular exercise I put forward a coin toss. Head you try it and tales you try it. Listen let's be honest what's the worst that could happen. If you aim for steady constant improvement and apply yourself to the daily task you will come away with an improved work capacity. Work capacity is just a fancy way of saying effort. Each session or workout requires a certain amount of effort on your part to complete. The more effort you put in the more effort you have available to you to use in daily life. That's what is so cool about training. By increasing your ability to produce and use energy you are increasing your capacity to run, think, act, work and play to get the most out of your life now and in the future. Fitness is a hopeless word. There are so many different ideas about what fitness actually is. Is it strength is it agility power balance speed endurance and if a sprinter is fit then how does that co
Late to a marathoner. The marathoner has poor power, speed and ability to generate force but can maintain his steady pace of running for hours. Is that fitness?? I personally dont like the word because the meaning is lost. I prefer work capacity. Your capacity to work, be it running, swimming, thinking, cooking entertaining ...whatever it may be comes down to one thing. Your physical capacity to make it happen in the form of skill and energy. Training for improved work capacity will positively impact the quality of your health. It will positively impact the quality of your life and directly affect the intensity, commitment and total involvement of yourself to any particular task. By taking the step toward being active you are making great leaps and bounds in your life and what you can achieve. Start small and build every single day. Every day expose yourself to something that increases your intensity, challenges your ability to apply force, demands more strength speed agility endurance, balance coordination and skill, everyday expose yourself to the true challenges
Of being an athlete and becoming an athlete and open yourself up to a new world of getting more from you. Every day is a brand new day and with every new day comes new opportunity to get more from yourself. I bet you believe there is more you have to offer. Start here now. Make the decision and turn your life towards actively increasing your work capacity!!

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