Monday, 17 October 2011

Achieving your goals

A friend of mine set out to improve his fitness and cardio health a little over 3 months ago. He and a mate decided that they would start running together and set out to run every tuesday and thursday together. After a few weeks It was put to my attention that my friend thought I was too fit and to fast to ever want to run with him. This was ridiculous and we set a day to run together the following week and discussed some of his goals, ambitions and reasons for making such a change in his life.

Its important to identify the reasons you want to embark on a new change and the right time to focus on it is when your feeling good. Feeling good, think about exercise, feeling good think about exercise and that is a pattern I try to generate for everyone taking these new steps.

My friend today can run 6km in 30 minutes a fantastic improvement from just 2km in 13minutes beforehand.

His latest challenge was the 7 day 300 challenge...A task not for the scared.

100 Push ups
100 Sit ups
100 squats in that order for the best possible time

With a start up score of 32 minutes it was always going to be tough making it through a 7 day week of training the 300. Day 7  saw an incredible improvement which was under 20 minutes with a 19.12!!!

Sometimes a big challenge a stop watch and an unwillingness to give in is enough to make some really quality fitness progressions.

Well Done Pal. Everyone likes a good story and feel free to put your name to this great achievment!!

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