Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Froller magic - foam roller magic

Foam rollers
What an excellent tool for ironing out some of that nasty tension we get across all areas of the human body. Who would have thought that such a basic tool could extend the spine, massage quads, open the hips, lengthen the deltoids and smooth out the calves and achilles all within about 20minutes. Well they can. 
If you suffer back pain get your self a foam roller. Put it horizontally across your shoulders and roll up and down across each vertebrae creating shape mobility in the spine and getting the knots out of the muscle tissues and fascia across your trunk. This is an awesome thing to do if you have rounded shoulders or simply if you have an office job and sit down in front of a computer all day. 
Roll around on these and knot out any tension in the body. Think of your body and muscles as bands of tension and lengthen them out with your foam roller. I guarantee the purchase and time spent on the roller will dramatically improve your mobility if used properly and regularly

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