Sunday, 11 March 2012

Herald Sun- workout of the week

Every week Herald Sun Personal Trainer Damien Kelly puts together a fitness workout for the masses to keep you on track and looking good!

It's always worth a look.

Try it yourself and see.

This weeks circuit aims to "combine strength and cardio to target every part of your body".

The exercises choices are very body part focused which is what he promises however you won't build much strength with the reps he assigns. Repeated repetitions is the only way to improve strength and get that increased metabolism after training. 30 push repetitions may be enough for some however 10 upper body rowing repetitions is not enough. Damien needs to balance his Chest pressing exercises with his rowing or back muscle efforts to build a balanced and strong upper body. 30 bent over rows or a dead lift would be a good addition.-
He has included lunges and a medicine ball rotation as 2 separate exercises where I would like to see them integrated together. This recruits more muscle fibers, reduces rest between body parts and keep the heart rate up nice and high so we burn the most fat and calories.

My adjusted program would look like this
50 double under or 100 skips
30 push ups or 15
30 squat jumps or 25 step ups/leg
10 barbell shoulder press
10 barbell dead lifts
15 leg lowers/ reverse crunches
30 walking lunges with rotations
30 bent over rows or 15
800m run or 400m run/walk

Enjoy the training

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