Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Lift 4 results

Lift 4 results

  1. Increased Functional strength ... Learn more
  2. Reduce risk of injury ... Learn more
  3. Increased power and sporting performance ... Learn more
  4. Increased joint strength and stability...Learn more
  5. Increase and maintain lean body mass... Learn more
  6. Increased bone mineral density ... Learn more
...more to come, stay tuned :)

Programming for strength ... Learn more

Intensity is a key component to any fitness program for a couple of reasons. High intensity exercise expends large amounts of energy, creates the release of strength building hormones and positive physical adaptations to exercise and it is the key driver in getting results fast. 

Strength and more importantly power (which is derived from strength),  the ability to forcefully move load, be it lifting weights, swinging kettle bells or doing strong man exercises is an excellent modality for generating high intensity movements of the human body.

So what are some of my favourite ways to build strength. Anything. Just do the movement safely and better yet do functional movements that require you to drive force from your core to the extremity of your body. Then your strength training builds the foundation for great movement patterns that will support your daily life.

So who getting strong, powerful and healthy??

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