Saturday, 14 April 2012

April 6th - April 16th break

Hey and welcome back

Every year I take a break with my training over the summer/Christmas holidays, Easter holidays and September holidays.

I break my year up into 3 training blocks of around 15 weeks and then I take some time off to enjoy being social, relaxing and do some activities I haven't done for a while.

That has been an incredible 10 days tennis, golf and traveling to wineries and going on beautiful bicycle rides through Victoria and new south wales. Mmm amazing. Just the same I am very excited to getting back into full swing with my training and nutrition. I managed to consume way too much chocolate and alcohol but I had a lot of fun. I know this because I enjoyed myself so much that I woke feeling a tad sick the following morning, definitely too much. So now that that's done with back to the zone diet and eating good portions of CHo FAT and PRO at every meal, an focusing on feeling good and enjoying training for results.

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