Monday, 2 April 2012

Setting fitness goals.


The word SMART will help you when goal setting. Set Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Reasonable, Time based goals that you are committed to achieving. Do your research and make it happen.

S- Specific
Setting specific goals is crucial to knowing exactly what you are trying to achieve. Make it very spefic. Weight loss often comes up in the goal setting arena. If weight loss is your goal lets get down exactly how much weight you wish to lose. Is it 5kg is it 1kg is it 20kg. When we are specific about our goals it makes it a lot easier to plan how to attain it. Common goals might be you want to be able to do 30 push ups in a row. Maybe you want to complete 30 minutes of non stop exercise. Do you want to be able to Run 5km. Be specific, get clear about what you want to achieve.

You have to be able to measure you goal. If you can’t measure your progress or the achievement of your goal how will you know if your on the right track, or worse if you achieve it when do you get to celebrate the win and say I did it. Measure your weight, measure your push ups, record your training times, what ever it is it must be measurable.

A- Achievable
Your goal must be achievable for you. It is your goal and not someone else’s. Make sure that you believe you can achieve your goal. Make your goal positive and your own. I Tristan am going to be running 10 km 3 days a week.

R- Reasonable
Your goal has to be reasonable. It is completely unreasonable to think that you will go from not exercising to running 10km 3 days a week after 1 month of training. Research your goal a little, get motivated and figure out what is a reasonable goal for you and what is a reasonable time frame for the next letter.

T- Time
What time frame are you going to achieve your goal in? Are you going to lose 5 kg in 2 months, is it going to take you 12 months? Are you going to build up from 15 pushups per night to 30 pushups per night in 30 days? Give your goal a time and go for it.

Take your time and create goals that you really desire to achieve. Setting goals is not about putting just anything on a pice of paper and saying you have done it. Setting goals is about driving the frustration of not achieving out of your life. Getting clear about what really frustrates you in your life will help you to motivate and drive yourself to achieve goals that mean something to you. Once you have created your goals  suggest you take a moment to have a think about how you will feel if you do not achieve this goal.  If you feel frustrated and annoyed and motivated to do whatever it takes, then congratulations you really have set a goals that is important to you. Now take a moment to think about what it feels like to achieve it. How will that make you feel? Now feed off this positive energy. Use it to drive you. Be positive and confident and stay committed to creating a better you that you deserve. If you have not set any goals. Set aside 20-40minutes to set some really important fitness and or life goals for you!

NOW there's one more step that you MUST DO today otherwise everything else is a waste of time. TAKE ACTION RIGHT NOW. What is something that you can do today to get the momentum in your favor?? You have your goals, your built up a good amount of feeling and emotion about your go and do something! Take that first step and enjoy the feeling of beginning your journey to achievement. People often say the hardest part is starting well I disagree with that. It's harder not to take action because what will it cost you not to take action? It's a burden on your mind and on your body. Be a DOER. Start today...Go now...Have fun

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