Saturday, 3 December 2011

December 5th 2011


Walking handstand 20m (Work at at distance you can manage and break it up into sets of 10m, 5m, 2m, 1m, 30 cm walk)
Deep body weight squat to hamstring stretch. 10 reps 3 sec hold.
3 sets of barbell cleans 20%, 30%, 40% of 1RM

Workout out
8 sets of squat clean
Moderate Barbell clean x21, moderate dumbbell clean x 15, 8-12kg med ball clean x 15, 20kg sandbag clean x9, 40kg + stone clean x5, 20kg sandbag clean x8, 8kg med ball clean x8, heavy barbell clean x4
= 85 reps

Cool down
yoga 30 minutes or more

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