Sunday, 3 July 2011

Don't get bored - Get challenged

Don't make each training day just another rung in the ladder you climb.
Keep it varied with circuit training where you combine a mixture of say 10 exercises completed for 30
seconds each, and then repeat. When you go swimming, instead of just swimming 20, 30, 60 laps all the same pace every time, try 1 fast lap and 3 steady to work on pace, train intensity and challenge your ability to recover quickly. Do a bunch of sets. Watch the clock and try to keep your fast lap time within 2-3 seconds of what it was in the first set right through to the last set. You can use this same method on the stepper, rower or any aspect of your training. 
More ways to keep it interesting are adding time, reducing recovery and creating intensity pyramids. If you like to run this is one i recommend for improving results in speed, recovery and fat burn. 
I suggest you try run fast for 100m and jog 900m, run fast 200m and jog 800, 300m fast 700m jog, 400m fast 600m jog and then reverse back to 300m fast and 700m jog, 200m fast and 800m jog, 100m fast and 900m jog. 

Keep it varied, intense and stimulating. Climb high and enjoy!

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