Thursday, 14 July 2011

Warm up and Cool down for heavens sake

Before beginning any exercise or exercise program be sure to take part in The TrickyFit Warmup
-Get a sweat up
-Take muscle through full range of motion ROM
-Prepare physically and mentally to get the most out of your workouts
Benefit: .......... read more

-More elasticity in muscles.
-Less chance of injury
-Increased alertness
-Increased overall performance in workout

COOL DOWN = important

- Reduce breathing and heart rate slowly.
-Cool the bodies temperature down gradually. 
-Improve ROM (Range of movement) and therefore improve mobility. 
-Flush out lactic acid build for faster recovery and reduced soreness (we all want this)

- Best time to improve flexibility safely while body is warm (increase mobility)
-Recover faster
- Feel better post workout

What to do for cool down
-5 minutes of slow jogging or cycling
-Gental stretching of entire body for 10 minutes to 25 minutes
-Get some good quality fats, proteins and carbs into your body. I like to have a bottle of Powerade and a toasted sandwich with avocado, lean meat (ham or turkey) and maybe even some olive oil on the bread after toasted for some extra good oils.

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