Thursday, 14 July 2011

Designing weekly training programs

When designing a workout program for yourself its so important that you have completed Setting Fitness Goals
Once you are really clear about why....
 you are training then you can use the information on my blog to set yourself up with some high quality programs that get results.

These are the 4 element of fitness!
      Strength and Power. When you feel strong and powerful you really feel fantastic. 
      Strength and power are key for everyday life. So if this element is so important in everyday life we must continue to improve our ability to use strength and perform daily tasks efficiently.
      Speed and Agility. To be move with great agility and speed is an excellent privelege that we must maintain. Speed and agility allow us to build a strong heart and lungs and live an active life with very few physical limitations. Plus everyone is time poor right so lets be really agile in the way we move and do it with great speed.     
      Stamina and Endurance. Stamina is the ability to repeat an activity over and over and over for a prolonged period of time. Lifting weights, running long distances, swimming in the ocean with your kids or walking up and down hills along beautiful country side all require stamina and endurance. You can dump heavy weights around all you want but if you want to go and swim in the ocean or take an hour zoomba class your not going to go the distance. We must train for Stamina and endurance to perform at our best and we can tailor this to suit our lifestyle and goals     
      Mobility. Keeping mobile is the key to all of the other elements. You cannot achieve any one of these elements to their optimum standard if you do not remain mobile. So when we think about being mobile we want to have a good level of flexibility through our muscles and joints. It is very important that we get ourselves mobile to workout and to live. Stretching after a workout is a great time to achieve greater mobility while the body is warm and to lengthen out muscle that have shortened due to the increase in demand you hae placed on them during exercise. 

In every good program you will continue to train and develop improvements in these 4 areas; Strength and Power, Speed and Agility, Stamina and endurance and Mobility. You will train for each element twice per week which could be done in 2 training programs or in 8, depending on what you have time for. If you want some really good endurance gains or to lose weight the most important element will be endurance and stamina of which you should train 5-7 times per week. This will give you a great calorie burn without being high impact exercise. High impact exercise puts more stress on your limbs and should be minimalized when losing weight. Endurance and stamina work will also promote health benefits such as stronger heart that will pumped more blood and oxygen around your body will less effort, less chance of getting diabetes and heart conditions, reduced cholesterol and can be great for the mind. Remember Mobility keeps you agile and flexible. Working on strength and power places a massive demand on muscle fibers and even though you may be resting for a few days your body will be burning calories trying to repair your body for the next workout. Speed and agility will help you to drop body fat by burning calories fast. So make sure your program matches your goals and that you include all 4 elements into your weekly training program. Enjoy and have fun.

Check out the TrickyFit Squat, Push ups, Back care and Abs cycle videos for some great exercises to develop a great foundation of strength and stay tuned to progressions of these exercises to add agility, stability and mobility!! 

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